MosaicVoice Milestone Update

Published on
May 11, 2023

Today, MosaicVoice is celebrating a growth milestone, having recently scaled a new hospitality customer from zero to 400,000 minutes of real-time guidance in 30 days while reducing compliance violations by 53%!

As we continue to onboard new customers, we have a renewed sense of excitement as we have established our ability to have an immediate and measurable impact post-implementation. 

From the day we launched MosaicVoice, we have been dedicated to building a platform that empowers all members of the call center ecosystem, from agents to QA leads to coaches, managers, leadership and beyond. What started as an idea has turned into a reality as we have partnered deeply with our customers to understand their visions of success, their KPIs and their language while staying true to our singular mission of “powering better customer conversations”. 

Recently, we have expanded our reach into new industries, including insurance, hospitality and education. With new customer types on board, we were excited to see the initial data come in to validate our key hypothesis, ie:

Better customer conversations = improved sales results. Period.

Excitingly, this is exactly what we’ve seen as call center agents supported by MosaicVoice are better equipped than ever before to navigate objections on sales calls leading to more deals closed than before by a factor of 1.5x. 

Given the recent market signals we have seen, we are hopeful to have the opportunity to support and partner with more customers and their agent populations over the coming months. To prepare for this anticipated growth, we have expanded our analytics capabilities to allow managers to answer questions like:

  • What can I learn from my top performing agents that I can share with my lowest tier of performers?
  • Have we covered all typical objections that arise on calls and are our suggested rebuttals working?
  • Where can I save time from a compliance perspective?

The more insights our managers have, the better positioned they are to help their agents. 

Additionally, we have completely refreshed our admin UI to allow managers to make real-time adjustments to call scripts, compliance triggers, and even proposed rebuttals. For those managers who have requested “whisper mode” to help with new agents who may be struggling, we are happy to share that this feature is also now available. Ping to turn this feature on.

As we celebrate this important milestone, we just want to thank everyone who has had a hand in growing the MosaicVoice community to date. We are inspired by the idea that we are helping people have a better human experience on the calls, whether they are the agent or the customer. There is lots of growth ahead, and we are thankful for the chance to continue our journey with our customers today and those that are yet to come!

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